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Welcome to my page. Here I will put some useful info and share my ideas and thoughts


until our next meeting

Hi. I’m Dave Monger and I’m Secretary to Brownhill Lodge.

I am custodian of the lodge records and responsible for ensuring that they are kept secure and up to date.

I maintain the members’ personal information database and I’m the first point of contact for anyone having business with the lodge.

Secretary's Collar Jewel

Our Dress Code

Our Regular Meetings

For our meetings in March, May and December we generally stick to dark lounge suits, Craft or Festival tie or Chapter tie. The old style Craft tie is perfectly acceptable as is the Provincial tie.

Undress regalia is perfectly acceptable

Our Lodge of Instruction

We like to be comfortable. Jeans and tee shirt are perfectly fine

Our Installation Meetings

It’s always nice to make the meeting a bit special for the Master Elect so we like to stick with the Masonic tradition of black (bow) tie for the Installation.

Dress regalia – obviously!

Provincial Grand Lodge or Grand Lodge

A Provincial or Festival tie is appropriate for Provincial Grand Lodge meetings but a Craft or Chapter tie or a plain black tie should be worn for the Grand Lodge

During our meeting, our Bro. Tyler will be happy to charge your mobile phone for you

Mobile charging

Our Admin Team

I am Secretary to the Lodge and the first point of contact. You can contact me via email, landline or mobile.

Dave Monger

 The Master of the Lodge.

You can contact me via  the Secretary

Jim Carver

Lodge Treasurer

You can contact me via the Secretary

Brian Gamble-Beresford

“My day is usually quite hectic. I try to reply to emails on the same day but always within 24 hours. We are always happy to welcome visitors to Brownhill so please feel free to email me if you would like to come along.

We are a happy lodge and like to enjoy our meetings. One Grand Lodge Officer went so far as to say that we are the “friendliest lodge in south London”.

We are actively recruiting new members so if you are interested in becoming a member, or you know someone who wishes to join,  just email me, or use our application form, which you can find HERE

I look forward to hearing from you”

Dave Monger

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If you are a Freemason and would like a copy of our Summons for each meeting, join our Mailing List  here

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